Protes Protein Snacks

“A friend of mine bought these and now I can’t stop!!“

“Usually don’t like anything that says “protein blah blah” because it usually taste bleh. But these taste just like white cheddar popcorn & it’s healthy so yay😍👅🍿“

“So light and airy, and tasted great! Ever since I started clean eating, I don’t grab bags of chips at the food store, so it was definitely nice to enjoy something like this….“

“10/10 I recommend these chips. They are an easy way to get protein.“

“I do love chips and these were such a treat to be filled with such nutritious ingredients. 👏🌿🙏“

“my weakness has always been chips. Gave these a try and I gotta give em a good grade. Need to call em ‘almost doritos’.“

“Ho-Lee-Shit! Finally a protein snack that I can have both quality and quantity. It seems like every other protein snack is two bites and I’ve eaten 300+ calories….“

“I love to snack and these #highprotein chips(?) are as good as it gets.“

“These had a wonderful crunch to them, as well as a delightful dusting of coconut to make each bite super yummy!! All packed with 15g of protein too!! Thumbs up from me 👍🏻🥥❤️“

“I was pretty impressed….macros are pretty great too“

“Seriously I am not a huge popcorn fan besides it is heavily coated with caramel or white choc (or both). But this one was so nice. Reminds me of churro taste.“

“The Spicy Chili Lime flavor is my fave, especially for dipping in a cilantro avocado hummus. Bbq def gave me a kettle cooked vibe tho which idk how I’ve been living without.“