The Protes Story

Life Needs Flavor

Adulting is hard, right? Every day, it’s the same routine. We wake up. We commute. We work. We try to squeeze in a little “me” time or have fun with friends and family. Then we go to sleep – and do it again.

But life doesn’t have to be bland. The secret is to add flavor – everywhere you can.

That’s our mission at Protes: Add flavor to healthy, protein-packed snacks that help people kick life up a notch. Because let’s face it: Gooey protein bars and sugary shakes full of weird ingredients are so… eww. Worse than eww, they’re boring.

At Protes, we don’t do boring. We do awesome. All so you can snack awesomely healthy.

Join us. And let’s make life yummy.

Core Values

Satisfying the strictest of diets (and hungriest of snackers), Protes taste great and are packed with as much as 15g of protein per bag. So you can get your snack on – and stay strong.

Snack Healthy

Our chips and popcorn snacks feature the finest ingredients like pea and whey protein isolate, whole grains, and natural flavorings. Did someone say, “No guilt”?

Snack Pure

Our snacks are Non-GMO, gluten free, and soy free. We know that’s what you expect, and we would accept no less.

Snack Smart

Our snacks save you calories by avoiding fattening and unhealthy oils. Instead, our popcorn is air popped and our chips are made with only high oleic oils to help you snack smart. Like Einstein smart.