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This past week, ProTings partnered with Soul Cycle and Hark Society to help promote Spin For Scholars.  Spin For Scholars is a charity ride to benefit 9th grade mentees - 25 recent graduates of Bronx Carter School for Excellence.  The Hark Society helps afterschool programs reach kids through a group of young professionals inspired to help enhance education and cultivate passion in the lives of underserved children in NYC, through extra-curricular and extra-classroom activities so that they can benefit from a well-rounded education. 

The fundraiser put together donations from different fitness and food sponsors for attendees to the event.  Shani Miller, a representative from the Hark Society, had this to say about the event "The goodie bags we gave out included ProTings and then other snacks like brownies and cookies from The Protein Bakery and Skinny Girl bars.  As for the event, it went wonderfully!" 

ProTings is always happy to be able to give back to the New York area and continuously seeks to help when it can.  We were very happy to give out free bags of our tasty crunchy protein chips!  As always GO PRO!

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