ProTings Zesty Nacho protein chips are a HIT!

If you haven't yet tried the newest flavor of ProTings protein chips, Zesty Nacho, you need to ASAP! Ask the parents, significant others, whoever to get you a case of some awesome cheesy protein chips right HERE just in time for the holidays. There's no better time to get our newest flavor and what we think is our best flavor. Don't take our word for it; let Phil Lempert, the "Supermarket Guru", tell you why.

Phil recently reviewed our Zesty Nacho protein chips on his website,, and gave them an overall score of 90/100, as well as labeling them a HIT! Phil praised the "great crunch" and rightfully saw them as a great base for a variety of dips, specifically chunky salsa. With football season inching closer towards the playoffs, what better way to get your protein in then by munching on some tasty Zesty Nacho protein chips and a nice chunky salsa on top?

You can check out Phil's review here: ProTings Zesty Nacho - Supermarket Guru Review