Looking Ahead to 2015 with ProTings Protein Chips

A little late with this one, but better late than never. We here at ProFormance Foods are very excited to welcome year 2015 into our lives, as well as yours. 2014 saw the relaunch of ProTings protein chips, including the introduction of our multi-serving 4.0 oz bags. We also brought along a new flavor, Sea Salt, at the request of the consumers for a more neutral, toasted chip. We secured early distribution with UNFI and established numerous key relationships with our clients and other distributors.

A lot of exciting things are brewing with ProTings going forward. Aesthetically, you’ll see a complete refresher of the website over the next few weeks. We’re looking forward to making the site more lively, as well as giving it our own personal, Brooklyn feel. Our friends over at HippoBrain are helping us with the design and layout and can’t wait to roll it out shortly.

We’re also redoing the dimensions of our 4.0 oz bags to give them a more traditional “big bag” feel, something more customers will be used to seeing as they browse their favorite food store shelves. But the thing we’re most excited for is the introduction our newest flavor, Zesty Nacho. We’re proud that the flavor is still able to capture a genuine cheese taste yet is fully vegan, like all the other flavors of protein chips we offer. Early responses have been fantastic and we can’t wait to watch you try a bag!

As always, we appreciate your support as we grow and try to make it into your nearest grocery store or eatery. If you haven’t yet, make 2015 the year that you GO PRO!