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ProTings protein chips were yet again featured at one of the premier east coast bodybuilding events this past weekend: NPC Eastern Championships. While there were plenty of people at the NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix a month ago, it was obvious that Eastern is the largest event in the NYC area all year. Tons of competitors came out to strut their stuff en route to competing in the Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini, Men's Physique, & Women's Physique classes.

The protein chips attracted all sorts of interest as guests and competitors loved the concept and the taste of ProTIngs. All three flavors received a great response, though Tangy Southern BBQ seemed to be the biggest hit there. Meanwhile, Chili Lime was the consensus favorite at the last event. I'm no physic, but clearly Sea Salt must be the favorite at our next event!

We had a chance to meet a ton of people, every one of which was having a great time and keeping us up to speed on the current bodybuilding scene. Who would have thought that the bigger the muscles, the nicer the person? Go figure. A big shoutout to the Pros at Eastern's who brought over some big names to our table to try our ProTings protein chips, including Victor Martinez (that's a big man right there).

After another successful showing, you can bet that ProTings will be popping up at a bodybuilding event near you soon enough. Oh, and be sure to follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (@ProTings), and Instagram (@protings); there may just be another tasty flavor on the horizon...

As always, GO PRO!

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