Brooklyn Grand Prix '14 Sponsored by ProTings

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This past Saturday, October 4th, hordes of Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, & Physique competitors crowded into the Grand Street Campus to put on a show of muscle and body toning. ProTings was on hand to display our protein chips and we were positively surprised by the turnout at the NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix '14.

Needless to say, Ryan & Krik felt quite small compared to the impressively large & fit competitors, while just about every attendee was also in phenomenal shape. Undeterred by the imposing figures walking the venue, we had a great show as everybody was impressed by the concept of a protein chip, especially considering the amazingly clean macros: only 4 grams of healthy fats and 4 grams of net carbohydrates. One visitor to our table who had just finished his training that week exclaimed, "You don't understand. I haven't had chips in 8 months. These things are a godsend!" and proceeded to buy multiple 4.0 oz bags.

All visitors to our table had something positive to say about our protein chips, from how great a dipping chip Sea Salt would be at home to the sweet and smokiness of the Tangy Southern BBQ flavors. Yet again, the consensus favorite was Chili Lime; something about the combination of the spice and touch of lime really gets people going.

We're looking forward to sponsoring more fun event like this, so keep an eye out for ProTings protein chips at a bodybuilding event near you!

NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix 2014

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