ProTings Protein Chips Receive Outstanding Response at Expo East '14

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ProTings protein chips were available for all attendees to try at this year's Natural Products Expo East event. With a higher exhibitor and attendee turnout than ever before, this year's Expo was definitely not one to miss. While we had debuted our chips last year at the same event, this year's booth featured a better overall presentation, as well as the featuring of our vastly improved formula, a larger 4.0 oz bag size, and our new flavor, Sea Salt.

The protein chips were certainly a hit amongst those who stopped by our booth. ProTings were even featured in a seminar about the recent protein trends put on by New Hope Media, the organizer of the entire Expo East event. The Sea Salt flavor was positioned next to a container of hummus, highlighting the perfect pairing of the toasted flavor of the Sea Salt chips and the chickpeas within the hummus. Tangy Southern BBQ received a great response as well for its smoky and traditional barbecue taste, a flavor most consumers are accustomed to. By the end of Expo East '14, it was clear that Chili Lime was the favorite flavor of ProTings of all those who stopped and chatted with us. The initial kick from the flavor paired perfectly with the hint of lime that comes through at the end of the chip.

Another year, another exciting showing at Expo East. We'll be out in Anaheim for Expo West in March 2015, so keep an eye out west for ProTings protein chips in a few months. In the meantime, be sure to grab a bag if you're in the NY Metro area and check our Store Locator tab for the store nearest you that's carrying the full line. If we're in your local store yet, we should be soon! In the meantime, go ahead and place an order from our website or


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