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In an article titled "NYC snacking entrepreneurs take high-protein craze to the chips aisle with ProTings", Food Navigator USA highlights the story of ProTings and its introduction into the snack food market. One of the co-founders, Krik Angacian, was interviewed regarding the protein chips he helped create and his vision of the brand going forward.

To put it simply, Krik stated, "There are so many new snacks, but we couldn't see anything like ProTings." Therein lies the belief in such a product existing in the natural food industry, as well as in the sports nutrition industry. There are a plethora of new healthy snacks, from kale chips to chia crisps to seaweed chips, yet more and more companies are coming out with very similar products every week. The idea of a protein chip strayed from that similarity into a new space that should attract followers in months to come.

The article mentions various aspects of the protein chip company's formation and its initial and current struggles. Perhaps most telling about the company and start up brands in general, "There is a lot of pressure and anxiety when you're running a small company; you've got to stay on top of everything, from cost analysis to preparing marketing materials." Quite the stark difference than the corporate life that Krik and Ryan left, there's also the concept that, "there's no one telling you what to do. You've got to be proactive, set the alarm clock for the morning, and get going."

ProTings protein chips can be purchased on or on Amazon.

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