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We only have 1 planet to live on (for now 👽), so we have to do our best to take care of it. We try to do our part by using environmentally friendly packaging and clean ingredients. We also chose to work out of facility that promotes recycling, is powered a mix of renewable and traditional energy sources and uses eco-friendly products whenever possible.

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Keeping fit is hard enough when you’re busy with work and life in general. Keeping fit as a new parent can seem impossible. I became a first-time father a few years ago and it’s been the most rewarding, incredible experience of my life.  That being said, I’ve learned first-hand that the struggle is real, as far as staying healthy and fit while raising a child.

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We are two college buddies with a passion for food, fitness, and health. After graduating college, we moved to New York City and began jobs in corporate finance. After a few years, all the numbers and spreadsheets really started driving us nuts. We came up with the idea to replace the “same old, same old” with something new…PROTEIN SNACKS!

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Just say no to bland bars and gooey shakes. It’s time to protein better. That’s why we created Protes, a healthy snack alternative packed with protein and natural ingredients so you can snack strong and snack smart. Our high protein, low carb snacks are baked or air popped, which cuts calories, ups flavor, and makes mouths happy. Snack on!

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